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10 Alternate Headlines for the Milwaukee Bucks Sale

Earlier last week, Senator Herb Kohl, the Milwaukee Bucks owner of 29 years, sold the team to a pair of rich dudes. While I’ve been fairly critical of Kohl’s job over the years, I was glad to see the old man finally come to his senses and make a move for the betterment of the […]

Forgive us, Michael Sam

This was supposed to be a celebrated event. A monumental breakthrough in sports and a landmark moment for society as a whole. Something we can look back on years later when this sort of thing is a cultural norm and recall where we were when Michael Sam announced to the world that he was gay. […]

Women’s figure skating is a damn shame

It’s certainly hard to feel sympathy for anyone who conspired to essentially order a hit out on another human being, but as I watched ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 series, ‘Price of Gold’ the other night, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was actually more than one victim in the whole Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan […]

Why is it okay for players to cheat, but not coaches?

On Monday, Keith Olbermann ran a smart segment during his show in which he talked about cheating in sports. To recap, Olbermann touched on the latest string of cheating accusations – from Mike Tomlin’s rumba on the sideline to Jason Kidd’s soda fumble – by reminding everyone that cheating in sports goes back as far […]

The culture of the NFL has some catching up to do

By now we all know that Richie Incognito is a racist, hateful shithead. It’s no real surprise given that before this past weekend, most NFL observers viewed Incognito as just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill shithead. Now he’s just adding to his resume. But while Incognito’s threats and racist comments and accusations of bullying teammate Jonathan Martin […]

The NFL doesn’t have a concussion problem. It has a football problem.

Yesterday afternoon on my drive to the gym I caught Bill Michaels talking about the Jermichael Finley injury he sustained during Sunday’s game. If you’re unfamiliar with Michaels, he’s your typical local sports talk radio host. A middle aged, blazer and-turtleneck wearing blowhard who, in a desperate attempt at remaining relevant, has chosen the empty-but-provocative […]

Middle of the Pack

This Sunday, the Packers will play linebackers Jamari Lattimore, Nate Palmer, Sam Barrington and Andy Mulumba in relief of several of their injured starters. Together, these four have combined for a grand total of 47 snaps played on defense this season. A.J. Hawk has played 214 alone. Even when you factor in the other starting […]

Josh Freeman is going to make an interesting reclamation project

Well, that didn’t take long. Just three games into the season, the Buccaneers announced today that they’ll be benching Josh Freeman for rookie quarterback, Mike Glennon. It’s been a precipitous fall from grace for Freeman who at one time was considered to be one of the rising young stars of the league. So where did […]

The Mets’ PR staff is apparently as bad as their baseball team

As someone with an advertising background, it’s always fascinating to me when I see such epic failjobs by PR professionals and the athletes they represent. Today’s fuckup comes courtesy of New York Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey who, appeared on the Dan Patrick Radio show. Let’s just say he’s not exactly Billy Mays when it comes […]

Jim Harbaugh continues to be fucked in the head

If you recall, we last saw Jim Harbaugh performing an exaggerated pantomime of a holding call in the Super Bowl like a WWE wrestler pleading his case to the ref about an illegal move he missed. The football version of “THAT GUY JUST EYE GOUGED ME!” In some ways I suppose, that was the tamest […]