If you’ve followed the media narrative over the last day or so, you’ve likely learned that according to most sports writers, Ryan Braun is the physical embodiment of evil. A lying, cheating, diabolical mastermind who was made from some kind of McGwire/Clemens/Armstrong science project, and whose atrocities merit punishment in the gallows of baseball. He […]

Quick, did you know that when Dwyane Wade eats pancakes for breakfast, plays on the second Monday of the month and is caught walking into the arena wearing manpris that he actually shoots 17% better than his average? Here’s another little something you might now know. I just made that shit up. But for a […]

The Bucks introduced new Head Coach, Larry Drew today. I know. But rather than throw my arms in the air with enough force to send small objects within my vicinity flying, I’ve chosen to embrace the hire. In fact, I’ve taken the time to give the local Milwaukee media some headline starters for tomorrow’s story. […]

In sports, there’s a long-running argument that involves whether one team won a game, or the other team lost it. Now, unless that game featured some historically bad choke job or heroic effort, the answer usually lies somewhere in the middle. And yet, in the wake of last night’s Game 1 of the Eastern Conference […]

Part of what makes being a sports fan so fun is the acceptance that in our own way, we’re completely delusional about our teams.That fact is never more evident than at this week’s NFL Draft. And while you might think it’s an event filled with negativity based on what’s become an annual  tradition of booing […]

We’re now firmly entrenched in the NFL off-season which means one thing: I’ve completely run out of shit to talk about. So to help spice things up around here, I’ve invited a special guest to discuss some the off-season’s more interesting stories and questions. Who is this mystery man you ask? Well that’s just the […]

Ever try a total bullshit trade in a sports video game like Madden just to see if the other team would say yes even though you knew they wouldn’t? Yeah, the Vikings hit ‘accept’ yesterday. If you haven’t heard the news, the Vikings did a very Vikings-like thing by hilariously trading away their all-world Wide […]

Ever since Billy Bean fired up the VORP machine back in the day, advanced metrics in sports have been all the rage. In basketball, it’s never more present than at last week’s MIT Sloan conference, an event in which a large group of NBA people gather to cover a variety of nerdgasmic statistical trends. It’s […]

If I told you this weekend I’d be watching amateurs with ‘loose hips’ and ‘ball skills’ you’d likely tell me I could get that stuff for free on the Internet. But what I’ll actually be watching are dudes running around in their underwear. Wait, this isn’t starting out any better is it? Let me explain: […]

The circumstances in which Reggie White and Charles Woodson came to Green Bay couldn’t have been any more different. One was hailed as a savior. The other in need of rescue. One the knight in shining armor. The other with cracks in not only his armor, but in his leg. One who spread faith. The […]